Friday, October 24, 2008

First online registration to include Kosovo as a country

For years I've been frustrated with various online registrations wanting to know where I live.  Kosovo hasn't appeared on any of them.  I've had to either say "Yugoslavia," which hasn't existed for sixteen years, "Serbia-Montenegro," which hasn't existed for two years or "Serbia," which isn't technically correct (depending on your politics).

Today while updating my online registration with the US State Department I found, for the first time, "Kosovo" listed as a separate country.  It was a strange feeling, after seeing its absence from probably hundreds of various online registrations over the last six years.

Now, if only the US Postal Service would catch up, I'd probably get reliable mail!  I guess I'll have to be content with one step at a time.


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eddie arold said...

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joolz said...

Love your site. I am trying to learn all I can about Kosovo and I am learning heaps here. Recently in Tirana with my Kosovan friend and loved the red and black flag as soon as I saw it. Asked my friend what the Kosovan was like and it sounded horrible. I told him this is the flag you should have. This is before I knew anything about the situation about the flag. Never has a flag affected me as this one does and I have been to many countries with good flags. In Australia we have two flags the horrible one with the union jack and the aboriginal flag which is better but not official. For years there has been competitions to design a flag combining the two.
As for recognising Kosovo, I recently ordered goods on Amazon to send to Kosovo, but it was not on the country list. I then had to cancel them and told them the reason being they do not recognise Kosovo. I told them once Kosovo is on their list I will shop again.