Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Local perspective on the Muslim call to prayer

Over lunch today we were talking with our baby-sitter about the five-times daily call to prayer. Most of the Muslims here in Kosova are fairly nominal. Down the street from her house is a mosque where a hoxha (prayer leader) leads the calls to prayer. I had thought that all of the mosques these days used recordings for the calls, but apparently that is not true. She laughingly related that from time to time the hoxha coughs or sneezes while issuing the call. It really added a human element to something that at times, seems other-worldly to someone from the States. She also said how thankful they were that during the recent curfew (because of the riots in March of ’04), that the hoxha wasn’t able to get to the mosque and make the call. They were thankful for the quiet. Interesting perspective from a Kosovar national.

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