Sunday, October 30, 2005

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I made an interesting discovery this morning.  In a small twitch of vanity I Googled “missionary” and “Kosovo.”  The second hit down was with a link to my post “On diplomacy and hand grenades.”  I’ve got mixed feelings about this.  This site is primarily about the war on terror, which is fine.  I have to be honest and admit that when we heard about this hand grenade incident I didn’t really consider it “terrorism.”  When you live in Kosovo it’s “just one of those things” that happens.  Periodically we hear about car-bombings, friends who are police that find anti-tank mines under their cars, other random bombings, etc.  Usually these things are connected with organized crime, adolescent war-hero worship or national aspirations.  I really don’t believe that any of these have to do with Islamic extremism, but maybe I’m just being naïve.  In almost every act involving an explosive there seem to be deliberate efforts to avoid casualties.  Bombs go off in the middle of the night while people are safely away from UN buildings, as a common and specific example.

This last incident with our missionary friends is a little bit different.  The hand grenades were place in such a way that they would detonate when the car moved, obviously with the occupants inside it.  These folks aren’t diplomats, police officers or soldiers.  They are evangelical missionaries sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  They’ve lived in their community a long time and have helped number of people economically, spiritually and emotionally.  Who did it and why remains a mystery.  It certainly was no accident, no mistaken identity.  And it does create a little anxiety, to be honest.  But terror?  Nah.

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