Friday, December 09, 2005

An interesting meeting with my daughter's teacher

My six-year-old is almost through half of her first-grade year in public school in our city.  She’s having a blast, but it’s also being stretched quite a bit.  They begin writing in cursive in 1st grade here and it won’t be long before her writing is much more attractive than my own…which isn’t saying too much.

A couple of days ago we invited her teacher to coffee to just talk about our daughter’s progress.  We chatted about a number of things and then the teachers asked about the difference between “Protestantism” and “Catholicism.”  It was an interesting conversation.  What touched me was when she asked us about prayer.

She mentioned that our daughter know how to pray.  That surprised me for a moment, but then I remembered.  The teacher had been sick in a couple of different instances and we’d prayed for her at bedtime.  Our daughter has obviously been letting her teacher know that we’re praying for her!


This is a significant difference between evangelicals and members of the dominant religious groups.  Among evangelicals, children are taught from a very early age that they too can have a relationship with God, can speak to him and watch him answer prayer.  Our daughter is a great missionary.

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