Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Kosovo PM: Will tackle corruption

The new Kosovo Prime Minister, Agim Ceku is really making big claims to improve civil society on a number of levels. Yesterday we hear this:
Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku today pledged that he and the government will fight corruption in Kosovo society. In his weekly radio address Prime Minister Ceku said that the Kosovo government will not accept corrupt individuals and that they will be subject to the law.
Ceku has also made bold claims about creating a multi-ethnic society here. Personally, I'm very encouraged by the language coming from the PM's office. Of couse, the proof is in the pudding...we'll see what actually happens.

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Anonymous said...

My year there with KFOR showed me that most Kosovars have deep feelings of entitlement, regardless of right or wrong, partially motivated by economic circumstances and partially based on the history of the region and cultures. Strong, public leadership with a positive message is encouraging. I hope it ignites the positive that can do great good.