Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back in the U.S.

We havebeen back in the US for about 16 hours, ten of which I've spent asleep. So far it is a little surreal. Here are a few of my initial fascinations:

-throwing toilet paper in the toilet.

- clean, new cars everywhere.

-my first shower...standing up, with a shower curtain, without holding the douche (sprayer)

-no trash on the roads... anywhere

-surreally clean landscape

-having to find a electrical plug adapter for my laptop, to the US standard

- my mind unable to grapple with what my body is suddenly doing here.

-I have no keys, to anything.

- there are a lot of fat people here.


Dr. D's Diagnosis said...

You are a hoot man, D

Beth said...

OK, I have to ask - what is toilet paper like in Kosovo? or is it just that you're not allowed to throw it in the toilet? It was like that at my grandmother's house in rural Georgia

Jeff said...

The toilet paper is fine in guessed it, you just can't throw it in the toilet. It's not a big deal, we just have to throw it in the trashcan.

However, there is a certain guillty pleasure in just throwing it down the can. That's kind of strange to say, but that's the truth!

Firelance said...

Jeff, I'd really like to ask you a few questions about family life in Kosovo. My wife and I have lived in Croatia and have visited Kosovo many times, but I just have a few specific questions if you get a minute. Can you email me so that I can reply in an email? We are narrowed down to either Mitrovice or Sarajevo when we return to the field. Thanks man, I really enjoy your blog by the way.

Firelance said...

sorry, my email is

Jeff said...

Rob, email on the way.