Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You know you've been traveling a lot when...

Yesterday, late afternoon we finally got back to Raleigh, NC where we’re spending our “home assignment” year before returning to Kosovo.  We’ve been on the road for about a month for both work-related and family visits.  We’ve been in six states, have spoken in three churches and visited lots of great people. 

When we arrived at the airport my mother, my sister and her daughter, Abbie, met us take us home.  My seven-year-old daughter asked, “Mom, after we get ‘checked-in’ to grandma's can I go play at Abbie’s house?”

Poor thing…she’s ready to unpack her bags for a while. 

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Beth said...

That is classic - thanks for sharing.

Another favorite MK story is the kid who grew up in jungles flying in small planes and had never ridden in a car. First time out of the airport on an American expressway, he asked when they were going to lift off . . .

Some days I feel like that too :-)