Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Australian man discovers the hard way that gadgets and beer don't always mix

 I just couldn’t pass this up.  Some people try way to heard to lose touch with reality.  When I was in high school I worked at a hardware store and met many a person buying funnels and plastic tubing.  This guy definitely went all out.


Who knew that using a hose connected to a helmet-mounted jug and powered by an electric drill to drink massive amounts of beer could be dangerous? Certainly not us (there go our big plans for New Year’s Eve), and definitely not some dude in Australia who discovered the hard way that pumping that much beer into yourself can split open your stomach and get a lot of beer into your abdomen. Hard to believe, but the victim, who spent a week in intensive care, asked not to have his name released to the public. Australian health experts are warning people not to build gadgets to pump beer or any other kind liquid into themselves this holiday season.

[Via BoingBoing & Engadget]

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