Friday, December 03, 2004

What missionary kids don't know....

On Tuesday we were in Prishtina for some meetings. That evening we headed
out to Maxi's, our favorite super-store outside Prishtina. They've begun to
decorate for the Christmas season like most folks in America. Ya, believe
it or not that kind of celebrate Christmas in Kosovo! Out front of the
store they have an enormous, 30 foot tall inflatable Santa Claus. I was
carrying Reilly in as we walked by the Santa. "Hey Reilly, who's that?" I
asked. She looked up and down and the gigantic red figure, complete with
inflatable hat and beard. She just shrugged her shoulders. If you're a
parent, you we be amazed at how rarely our kids ask for new toys, or how
little they know already about American culture. Is that a good thing, or a
bad thing?

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