Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Giving condolences at the local party office

From his site

When someone
dies in Kosovo friends and family rally round the family of the bereaved to “ngushlloj”
them, to give condolences. When the first President of Kosova dies, everyone is "ngushlloj-ing" each other. While Rugova's body lies in state at the parliament building, thousands wait outside in the bitter January cold for their change to pay their respects.

Today Naim and I went to give our condolences at the local poltical party office of the fallen President. After arriving we entered a very, very solemn room, complete with a large picture of President Rugova and many, many flowers. Perhaps fifty people ringed the room and as we entered all eyes turned to us. We greated people around, approached Rugova's picture and paid our respects there. Then we sat for a moment and expressed our condolences on behalf of the Protestant Community in Gjilan. Naim saw many people he knew in the room, I saw only a couple.

I'm writing a lot about Rugova's passing lately. I hope it isn't becoming tiring to my many in cheek readers. It's a very, very big deal here, so it's a big deal to me too.

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