Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kosovo President Rugova dies at 61

We were at a birthday part in Pristhina today when we got the news.  Everyone was stunned.  While Rugova wasn's universally loved, perhaps, he held a special place in everyone's hearts.  We're expecially sad to hear that he's passed over since Kosovo is on the brink of final status talks.  Not to over-spiritualize it, but we almost feel like there is something Moses-like about him.  He led non-violent protests for years, squaring off against the authorities from Belgrade.  And now on the brink final status, he remained outside the "promised land," unable to enter that for which he struggled for so long.
Recently there was renewed speculation that he had become a Catholic in recent years, trying to recover the faith of his Illyrian forefathers.  I can only hope that he met the Savior on his journey and that he now lives with those same forefathers that the Apostle Paul mentions in Romans 15.19.  Rest in peace, President Rugova. - Kosovo President Rugova dies at 61 - Jan 21, 2006
CNN) -- Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova, the literary scholar turned politician who was the symbol of the fight for Kosovar self-rule, died Saturday after battling lung cancer, officials said. He was 61.


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