Thursday, February 16, 2006

it's the little things in life...

So I’m at the bank today, waiting to do some mission business.  I’m standing in line…quite a long line…waiting to submit my paper work and make a withdrawal.  I’m standing there with Reilly, who is growing impatient while Naim waits for me in what might charitably be called a “lobby.”  While I’m standing there telling Reilly, for the fourth time, that no, we are not finished yet I notice a mummer ripple through the line. 


Three men walk in, greet the security guard amiably and walk past the front of the line right to a teller who is helping someone else.  The leader is an older man in a dark brown leather jacket.  The two guys with him are obviously “muscle.”  Both are wearing leather jackets, on is very, very large and has pleasant face.  The other is very, very sharp and rarely takes his eyes off the door.  They intentionally flank the boss and all three regularly look up from what they are doing to scan the crowd.  After a little while they finished their business and left the way they came in, quickly.   About fifteen minutes later we left the bank, our business finished too.  I wondered who the three men were, and how they so casually disrupted the lives of so many who were waiting (relatively) patiently.


One more reminder that I’m not in Kansas any more.



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