Sunday, February 12, 2006

A young woman met Jesus today

Today we were up to church in Prishtina.  We haven’t made our way up there for several weeks and it was good to see all our friends and pastor Fehmi.  There were a number of news faces in the congregation, including one young lady who came with our friend F.  At the end of the service, after a great message on the love of God, F raised her hand.  She’d been whispering to her friend who had made it known that she wanted to meet Jesus today.  Fehmi invited the two of them to come to the front where he led the young lady to Christ, praying what we commonly call, “the sinner’s prayer.”

It was a great way to end the day.  People bringing their friends to meet the Master is definitely a New Testament model and one that is always fun to watch.  I don’t give you this young ladies name, but please be praying for one new light in one church in Prishtina.  Another child has come back to her Maker.


fultonphishmonger said...

Yawn..How boring.

Jeff said...

Hey fulton, thanks for stopping by. I hope you guys didn't get snowed under too deeply in NYC this weekend.