Friday, November 17, 2006

Kosovo's new tourism agency

I’ve heard people talking about developing tourism in Kosovo for several years now.  Now the Ministry of Industry and Trade, of which the Department of Tourism is a part, and Hotours (The Hotel and Tourism Association of Kosovo) have put together a Kosovo tourism portal called “visitKOSOVO.”










This portal will come in handy, not only for future tourists, but also for all kinds of groups that may want to visit this historic land.

via South East Europe Online

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Peter said...

I'm happy to see that the governmental site is finally up and running. I'm doing a project in Kosovo where I try to stimulate tourism to Kosovo by making a website, called

This site contains nearly all the hotels and activities in Kosovo. Next to this there's also a cultural event calendar, a forum and a lot of basic information about Kosovo.

I'm trying to promote this website through travel forums, blogs and sites. Would you happen to know of any other good websites that travellers use to plan their trip?