Friday, November 10, 2006

Pat Robertson responds

I’ve written recently (here , here and here) about quotes and positions reportedly from Pat Robertson.   I received this email today from a group mailing list in Kosovo.  It is reportedly Robertson’s response to those who emailed him directly regarding his belief’s about Kosova. 

I have received your e-mail concerning an article you read in your local papers about a meeting between me and Bishop Artimije.  Whatever you read did not come from me.  I met with the Bishop, but I have made no public statement concerning the situation in Kosovo.


The gentleman who accompanied Bishop Artimije for our meeting, tells me that he does not believe the Bishop gave any undue emphasis or inappropriate account of his meeting with me -- which was just one of many other meetings he had with prominent Americans, both official and non-official.  He said he is not sure that what was quoted by the Financial Times accurately conveys exactly what the Bishop said (or through translation meant to say).


He went on to say, "regarding the suggestion that Dr. Robertson has committed to oppose Kosovo independence - as the article states - this phraseology is entirely inappropriate with respect to the nature of the discussion between Bishop Artemije and Dr. Robertson."


I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me concerning the Kosovo situation.


May the Lord bless you and the missionaries who minister in Kosovo.


Pat Robertson

While I believe this email comes from Robertson, or his spokesperson, I would like to see a more public clarification.

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