Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Black Fog of Shame: Kosova reacts to Ft. Dix plotters

Today a number of news articles, political statements and editorials began appearing in the Kosovar press.  Prime Minister Agim Çeku roundly condemned that plotters saying  it is difficult to believe that any Albanian would take part in a terrorist act against the United States.  In other accounts he is offering the full cooperation of the Kosovar government in the investigation.  Other political party leaders had similar things to say.

RTK, the Radio & Television of Kosova, lead with the headline, "Kosova shocked with news that terrorists with Albanian ancestry aimed an attack against America."  The Islamic Association (of Kosova)  said that, "to attack America would be to attack the state that promotes democratic values.  The president of the Islamic Association added that, "In principle, we condemn every act of terrorism, independently of who planned it or whether it was complete, regardless of purpose or motive..."

The news daily, the Iliria Post, led with a front-page editorial calling the plotters "without religion and without a nation."  The same edition of Iliria Post had a long article with quotes from a number of national figures, all condemning the attacks.  The title of the article: The Black Fog of Shame. 


Beth said...

Well good for them, I am pleased to hear their honorable reaction.

(unlike some Muslim countries after 9/11 when some danced in the streets.)

Jeff said...

Thanks for following the story with me Beth!