Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Next Steps: Passports anyone?

 As I traveled around talking about Kosovo this year one of the things I frequently mentioned is the functional lack of passports for the residents of Kosovo.  Stuck in legal limbo, most people either have no passport, a United Nations passport or a Yugoslav passport.

The first options makes it impossible to leave this Connecticut-sized country, the second gives you limited access to countries who will accept you (not a long list).  The third, ironically enough, gives you the greatest access to foreign countries through a passport for a country that hasn't existed in ten years.  Yes, this is the Balkans.

At any rate, Veton Surroi, member of the Kosovo negotiating team, has announced plans for new Kosovar passports which will assumedly be implemented following the assumed independence of Kosovo.


via  BIRN

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Beth said...

Wow, the things we take for granted, huh?

Jeff said...

It would so be a bummer to be stuck in a place the size of Connecticut (or in Connecticut :))! Freedom of movement is definitely something we take for granted :)