Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Serbia excavates possible mass grave of more than 350 Kosovo Albanians

Yesterday I wrote about the suicide rate in Kosovo.  Stories like this are part of the reason.  Another possible mass grave has been discovered right on the Serbia-Kosovo administrative border.  The grave is believed to contain as many as 350 Albanians taken during the war.

  The trauma of war is not something a population can get over when  bodies keep turning up in mass graves.  According to the article:

Since 2000, about 800 bodies have been discovered in two mass graves in Serbia in what appeared to be the former regime's attempt to cover up its atrocities during the Kosovo war.

Of course, this goes for the Serbian Kosovar population too.  They too live with great uncertainty and a history of trauma.  While most of the mass graves discovered have contained Albanians, some (one older example) have contained Serbian people too, though not nearly has frequently or filled with as many dead.

Pray for peace in this place!


Bg anon said...

Apparantly nothing was found at this site after much searching but it may continue closeby.

Jeff said...

Thanks bg. I meant to post the follow up story and had left it in my drafts folder. I appreciate the poke.