Monday, April 07, 2008

Computer Courses

SVAC-7Apr08-06This week we're so happy to have a group from the Silicon Valley Alliance Church in the US. They're teaching computer classes to local educators at our community Center.  I think we have 30-40 who attended classes today.


There were a couple of not so minor miracles 1) the set up of all the computers was a snap 2) the electricity stayed on ALL DAY.  Unbelievable.

Tonight, after class, the coffee shop was full of people hanging out after class, drinking coffee and socializing.  Someone told me that no one really believed we had "experts" coming to teach the classes.  They assumed we were lying and that it was a trick to get people to come.   But this team comes from the Silicon Valley area and really ARE experts in the field.  We're so grateful for their work!


Patchwork Quilt said...

That's so cool-- exactly what we're trying to get at with partnering with y'all.
~Rebecca from Los Alamos

Jeff said...

Rebecca, thanks for the comment and encouragement. I think you guys have the right idea! I'm looking forward to that partnership growing! --Jeff