Tuesday, April 08, 2008

US Opens Embassy in Prishtina

Multiple media outlets are reporting that the United States officially opened it's embassy in Prishtina today, upgrading its "US Office".

It'll be handy to have an actual embassy close by.  The nearest one is in Skopje, Macedonia, about an hour and a half and a border away.  Of course, the only time I've needed one was to get more pages put in my passport.  I pray those are the only circumstances in which I'll "need" a US Embassy. :)  At the same time, I wonder how many millions of dollars it's going to cost to build this embassy.  The new one in Skopje is an absolute monster.  Your tax dollars at work.


David said...

Wow so much has happened in K. since your last Entry.
the border burnings
Ramush acquital.

what is your take, and the people of Gilan's take on this?

So good to see new stuff on your blog


Jeff said...

David, thanks for the note. I've been kind of AWOL over the last couple of months. It encouraging to know someone noticed I'm writing again.

Things in Gjilan are quiet mostly. In our region we had Serbian people congratulating Albanians on independence. We also had Serbia police officers walking off the job. There aren't any patterns and all politics are local.

Take care,