Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh the difference a preposition makes

Google News sends me updates every day of news from Kosovo. I usually breeze through them pretty quickly, but today's headline caught my eye:

The headline is pretty striking.  A glance at the lead of the article tells a different story, as it includes the all-important preposition "at."  While this may be a typo, it is, unfortunately, not uncommon in headline writing in the Balkans.

By the way, the incident, in which 23 rounds were fired at the Serbian couple's residence, is a crime and should be punished.  Immediately after the war abandoned homes were occupied by Albanians.  In some cases this was simply a case of homeless people taking shelter, in others it was something like taking the spoils of war.

In any event, my understanding is that the law requires that the original occupants be allowed to take up residence in their pre-war homes. 


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