Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today - International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Kosova

Today is the International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Kosova.  While I'm along way away from my adopted home, I want to ask that you join with us in prayer for Kosovo.  The following is reprinted from a mailing from the national church organization, KPEC.

January 31   

 International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Kosova

How did it begin?
Eight years ago when the circumstances in Kosova seemed anything but peaceful and safe, at that time of terrible atrocities, violence, killings and oppression, the tiny Church here managed to email many fellowships and church and political leaders asking them to make the 31st of January a day to repent on behalf of this nation and to pray for God to intervene in the ongoing catastrophe that was taking place. Some of you many even have received this very first email and responded to the call.  We were so encouraged to see how Kosova had been laid on the hearts of so many faithful people who responded by interceding, and that prayers were not only lifted up to God at this time but also that through their first prayers God gave many a passion to continue in prayer for this land.  Although the war continued for months after the first Day of Prayer and Fasting we saw how God answered the many prayers that were lifted up to Him by miraculously protecting His Church.

Much has happened in Kosova during these past eight years, and we have seen how God has used the prayers of His people to effect change.  However, there is still an urgent need to continue as there is much in Kosova that is concerning for the Body of Christ here that we hope will be of concern for you too and will motivate many once more to  pray. 

This is why once again we would call you to focus your prayers on the 31st of January which will be the International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Kosova as in previous years, and also to spread the word about this event amongst your friends, prayer groups and congregations. 

Current Situation:

In addition to the political uncertainly that surrounds us, Kosovar society is struggling under terrible economic conditions.  The economy going into 2007 is, if anything, in a worse state than in 2005-2006.  17% of Kosovars live in extreme poverty with 35% surviving on less than $1 per day.  The rate of unemployment stands at 70% which means that most people live on the money that their relatives abroad send home.  Crime and prostitution are flourishing under these conditions. 

Meanwhile, swathes of villages are being disconnected from the power grid for non-payment of bills, while even those who are able to  pay every bill find their electricity and water turned off for hours every day.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for peace in the hearts of men as well as in our communities and that this coming year will be marked by stability.
  • Pray for salvation for Kosovars and ability to take a stand for Christ without fear.
  • Pray that God will fill us continually with the hope of His assurance that His plans for Kosova are for a good future and not for harm.
  • Please pray for both the national political leaders of Kosova, President Fatmir Sejdiu, Prime-Minister Agim Ceku and other key kosovar political leader, as well as for Joachim Rucker and other UN Leaders.
  • Pray for the unity and a good cooperation of all the churches in Kosova. Remember KPEC ( Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church ) as a tool for bringing 39 of churches of Kosova together.

There are 39 churches or church plants around Kosova today.  As we pray for our nation we have to be reminded that from the Church should flow life that will influence society outside the Body of Christ.

The life, hope and faith must begin within us and flow out.  God has done so much within the Kosovar Church during the past eight years, growing us in maturity and number.  However, there is much still that we long to see – transformation and multiplication.  We long to see God sending rain upon the dry ground, to produce fruit by making the barren places fertile and to see cracks disappear as the ground soaks in the rain making it one.  

  • Please pray for the Church to have a clear vision to see Kosova transformed from the inside of the Body out.

Thank you for partnering with us in praying for this nation. Please let us know if you are organizing a prayer event and would like any more information or resources.  Let’s together trust that God is and will be using our prayers on the 31st January to do wonderful things here that we would not believe even if He told us!  We look forward to sharing more with you of what He is doing amongst us and hearing from you of anything that God shares with you for Kosova as you wait on Him to share His heart and direct your intercession.

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Anonymous said...

We are including the new nation of Kosovo in our prayers for the world in our small group tonight. This information will be helpful to us as we pray.