Friday, March 16, 2007

Kosovo Mobile provider has new website

According to today's Illyria Post "Vala Mobile", Kosovo's only official mobile phone provider launched a new website today.  "Vala" has made some significant strides in modernizing their infrastructure and expanding their services in the last few years.  Until the long-awaited "second-operator" begins operation, Vala is the only game in town.

If you're interested, check out the new site.  The most attractive new service to me is the addition of GPRS service, which allows mobile users to access the Internet with their phones.  Vala has also completed agreements with operators of neighboring counties for roaming customers.  This is also, I believe, fairly new.  While this is only for "post-paid" customers, perhaps the days of crossing the border and losing your cell system are behind us.


camadajdaj said...

That roaming, as great as it is to have emergency to access like in Macedonia for instance, it's a bummer that people can actually find you when you're out of country and also, one call from someone else and all your time evaporates from your card.

Jeff said...

Great point Di. It is nice to be "unreachable" from time to time :) I think the roaming charges are less with the new post-paid service, but they don't have the price-list up yet on the Vala site.
I'm just glad to see Vala getting wit h the program and adding services like international SMS, roaming and GPRS.
Have a great one!