Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No more breathing, er smoking, allowed

In a startling move from the Kosovo  Parliament, smoking has been banned in public places.  Actually, the parliament passed this law a year and half ago, but the UN has still not signed off on it, signing it into power.

The beauty of living in Prishtina is that you can smoke everywhere,” said Luli, 24, while having a drink in Toto bar, last Tuesday.

But Lena, a girl seated next to him, said she will be happy if one day she could enter a bar without being choked from the smoke.

“I love to go out and have drinks with friends but when I go back home, my clothes and hair stink,” she said. Lena was one of the very few people inside the Toto bar who was not smoking.

When I returned from the US I actually had second-hand smoke withdrawal.  I was tempted to light three or four cigarettes around my living room just so I felt at home!

I cannot imagine in Kosovo without cigarette smoking.  Oh, I wouldn't object, but it would sure be strange.

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