Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter Service Report

On almost every Easter since the war, the evangelical churches of Kosovo have jointly sponsored an Easter Service in the capital city of Prishtina.  This Easter, 2007, was perhaps the largest gathering ever.  Below is a great report, written by the national evangelical church organization.  I've deleted the names of some of those involved.  I haven't personally recieved permission from them to publish their names whereas others, whose names are below, are public figures.

God continues to do great things in Kosovo!  I was told that a whole bus came up from Gjilan.

On 8th April there was an Easter Service at the National Theater in Prishtina. The service began at 1pm and this year the participation was bigger than previous years with many churches from other cities joining together to celebrate Easter. There were approximately 750 people.

The Service was organized by the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church. We felt God's presence throughout the preparation time and His provision for the different needs for this service.
It was a blessed time and everyone went home with a powerful message in their hearts.

[name deleted] led the worship and meeting time. [name deleted] from Gjakova shared with us his testimony and Artur Krasniqi preached. As well as the Christians, we were glad to see many visitors and guests who joined the celebration. The children had a special meeting at Fellowship of the Lord’s People church and we give thanks for the wonderful care of the children's workers/helpers who did a 'precious' job with them.

After the service we shared a cocktail in front of the National Theatre. We believe that this time of friendship between brothers and sisters in Christ was a good witness for the people around who could sense our joy for the Easter celebration.

The entire service was recorded and at the end of service a photo with all the participants was taken. Whoever is interested in a DVD or Photo can contact us at the KPEC office for copies.

The Easter service didn’t finish because the next day we held a soccer tournament between all the churches in Kosova. 16 teams from different churches participated in the tournament. The new church “Maranatha” won the Easter cup. Congratulations to them.

On Monday, RTK showed a documentary about our community mentioning that the leaders of Kosova did not send their wishes to the Protestant Church for Easter. Pastor Artur Krasniqi gave a short interview regarding this matter.

We want to thank SHPK [local police] for their good work for providing security for us. We also want to thank in the name of our Lord all the brothers and sisters in Christ that made it possible for the service of the Resurrection to be a blessing and a joy for all that were present.

We also want to mention our financial blessings. Thank you to all the churches who gave donations and especially Beselidhja Micro Finance Organization which blessed our service with a considerable amount.

We believe through our Lord that next Easter will serve more people who will come to know the Lord, so that His act on the cross will not be in vain.
All the blessings in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Zyra e KPUK-ut
KPEC Office
Kisha Protestante Ungjillore e Kosoves
Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church
+381 38 225 330

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