Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Home at last

After a speaking tour that included speaking about Kosovo 95 times in 27 churches I'm home at last.  Yesterday I got home from a great, though short trip to San Jose, CA where I had the privilege of speaking to one of our ethnic Chinese churches.  What a great group of people!! 

Now I'm off for some vacation at the beach with the family.  Whew.


Beth said...

Wow - they should have some sort of Iron Missionary competition for folks like you! :-)

Jeff said...

Beth, thanks for the comment, but this was just an average tour for an average missionary. It was busy enough for me, however. :)

Niti said...

What kinds of questions did your audience have about Kosovo?

Jeff said...

Niti, everyone was very interested in Kosovo. Many people were curious what the weather was like there, or what people ate for their regular meals. Others were curious about how people survived given the economic realities in Kosovo. Others wanted to know what kind of government Kosovo had and how democracy was developing. Others were curious about religious freedom in Kosovo and whether evangelical Christians were free to work. Others wanted to know what Islam looks like in the Balkans.

In general, I was impressed by many people's questions. Thanks for stopping by and commenting