Sunday, April 29, 2007

Interesting news weekend

I saw some interesting headlines today that I thought I would pass on.  Normally the weekends are kind of dull...these three articles are anything but.

Kosovo will become independent, says US

BRUSSELS • Kosovo will be independent with or without a United Nations resolution, and Russia should back an agreement to protect the Kosovo Serb minority, the United States said yesterday.

Assistant Secretary of State Dan Fried said it was possible the latest Russian criticism of UN mediator Marti Ahtisaari's plan for the final status of the breakaway Serbian province meant Moscow intended to block a resolution.

"We hope that Russia understands that Kosovo is going to be independent one way or another," Fried said in an interview at a Brussels Forum on transatlantic relations.

We don't often see this level of "frankness" from US State Department officials. 


US may unilaterally recognise Kosovo independence

BRUSSELS. The United States could unilaterally recognise Kosovo's independence even if Russia vetoes such a move at the United Nations, a former US envoy to the Balkans and the UN said Saturday.
"If Russia decides to use its veto (in the UN Security Council), there will be a declaration of independence in Kosovo, and the United States will recognise Kosovo the same day," Richard Holbrook predicted during a conference in Brussels.

This is contrary to what Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Çeku said yesterday.  Of course, Richard Holbrook isn't really employed by the US Gov't anymore, but he certainly knows his way around.

“Tsar Lazar Guard” rounds up Kosovo volunteers

BELGRADE -- The so-called St.Tsar Lazar Guard is gathering volunteers ready to wage a war in case Kosovo becomes independent.
According to Belgrade daily Danas, an organization known as the National Serbian Movement will host a Serbian Assembly in the Lazarica Church in Kruševac on May 5, where it plans to swear in “the Saint Tsar Lazar Guard vowed to free Kosovo and Metohija.”

This would obviously be bad for everyone.  The article goes on to say that 5,000 "eager volunteers"  are already sworn in.

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