Saturday, July 02, 2005

House of Worship Goes Wireless

Check this out. Here’s a church with a wi-fi hotspot in the church. To tell you the truth, I installed a AP in the last church that I worked for. Of course, the intent wasn’t that people would “check their mail or surf the web during the sermon. I’m all for connectivity, but I really think that we need to carefully guard the quiet places in our lives. There is so little silence in our world these days. Blackberrys, hotspots, cell phones have all intruded so far into our lives, that we simply cannot imagine the quiet.

Last night I watched the old Gregory Peck version of “Hortatio Hornblower.” I was struck, as they spent seven months without seeing land, just how much quiet and “down-time” there must have been for a ship’s captain in those days. I watched as Hornblower paced the deck and wondered, would any one dare suggest that the man isn’t working? Spending time in one’s cabin thinking, writing or reading must have been pretty significant in the formation of both their personal and professional character.

I’ve contemplated going on a “connectivity fast” in recent month. I might just try a week or a month without internet, email, cell phone, etc. Apart from probably getting fired, I wonder what kind of space that level of de-connectivity might create in my life. Anyone want to try it with me? | Comments

I love this story…

churchIf you ever find yourself in Cardiff, Wales and feel the need to cleanse your soul without having to ditch your mobile device, the St. John’s Church has established a hotspot not too far away from the collection plate. Worshippers can check their e-mail or even surf the Web while Reverend Keith Kimber delivers his sermon.

When I was a kid, I used to read the Sunday comics in church to keep from getting bored. Imagine if I had a smartphone back then!


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