Saturday, July 02, 2005

In the News: Blasts Rock Pristhina

My sister sent me this link this morning about a triple bombing in Prishtina the capital.  It appears as though the UN compound, the OSCE building and the local government building were targeted. So far, there were no reports of injuries.  Thankfully, the attack came Saturday night when it’s likely nobody would have been working.  She asked if we were okay here, and we are.  These things happen from time to time, but usually in the capital of Prishtina.  Our city, Gjilan, is about an hour away and is usually calm and peaceful.

I am always disturbed about these types of bombings, however.  They don’t make me afraid to be here, of course, they make me afraid for the future of our adopted home.  In tomorrows papers there will be the usual accusations between the ethnic groups.  The Albanians will say that the Serbs did it to discredit the local government and derail the final status talks this summer.  The Serbs will accuse the Albanians and say it’s just proof that the local people cannot govern themselves.  

The average guy on the street, however, just wants to find a job (any job), give his children a future and live in an self-governed country.  May their dreams come true.




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