Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Prayer update for 07-25-05

Melissa, the family and I took some much needed vacation this last week. We headed down to Thessaloniki, Greece, about a five hour drive. Each time we go there I’m struck by both how modern the city is, and how ancient it is. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve driven by the modern highway sign denoting “The Ignatian Way,” that ancient Roman road that the Apostle Paul walked down. We go by the tomb of ancient Macedonian kings on the way to Carrefoure, a European version of Target. All I can say is that it’s a weird life I live! Of course, the girls could care less whether we’re walking in the steps of Paul or buying toilet paper. They just love having different stuff to play on.

When we returned yesterday (Sunday) I found my email inbox brimming with 136 messages. Some of those brought unwelcome news…and another first for Kosovo. I got this email from Pastor Femi about a young, 14-year-old martyr named Herolindi.

Today, this morning, Herolindi Krasniqi passed from this life and went to live forever with the Lord. Herolindi passed from this life as a consequence of a [traffic] accident three days ago. In fact, he has become the first person in the history of the church in Kosova that died while serving the Kingdom of Heaven.

Herolindi was taking part in an evangelism project sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ. The project, called PUSHK, is aimed at showing the Jesus Film in every village within a municipality. He died in a car accident as part of that project, and several others were badly injured, including two from BUM, the mother church in Prishtina. Interestingly, his name means, “born hero.” I pray that his name would fan the flames of evangelism throughout Kosova in the years to come. Please pray for his family during this time. Please pray that they would find hope and meaning in the death of their son

This morning I went by the Center to touch base with Naim. While we were on vacation he also took a week of vacation to work on the house he’s building. Before we left, God seemed to be telling me to leave Naim a sum of money. It seemed a waste, the Lord seemed to say, if Naim took a week of vacation but didn’t have any money with which to buy materials. So, on our way out of town we stopped by his house. Naim wasn’t there, so we left the funds with his wife. Today he told me that the week before he had been earnestly praying to the Lord for funds. He knew his week of vacation was coming, but didn’t have any money left to buy materials. The funds we left paid for what was needed for the week almost down to the last euro. He praised God with me for the Lord’s foresight! I want to tell you about it, but you blessed Naim through us. Those are YOUR “work special” monies at work, blessing the people of Kosova. Please pray that God would protect Naim from the attacks of the enemy. When I see this man of God, I see someone with a big target on his back. I’m sure the enemy would love to take him down however he can.

Later today we also had the privilege of picking up Mark & Pattie Brinkman from the airport in Prishtina. They are returning for their second term in Kosova with their four children, Erin, Hallie, Luke & Joshua. They’ll be serving with BUM in Prishtina. Please pray for them as they transition back here again. Please pray that they would find a suitable home and get settled back into life and ministry in a suitable time.

Okay, that’s it. We appreciate your love and support!

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