Friday, September 30, 2005

Another trip in vain - Who can understand the process here.

Well, I just got back from my second attempt to import the Pajero.  I went on Tuesday for my first attempt.  On Tuesday I was told that regardless of what year the Pajero was actually produced in, I had to change the “year of production” to 2005 because that is the year it was first registered.  When I tried to explain that it produced in 2004, but was a year model 2005 they replied calmly, yes, but it was first registered in 2005, therefore you have to write 2005 as the production year.  “Ya but….”  Okay it doesn’t’ matter.  Finally the bring an English speaker over to me to explain why I have to put 2005 down for the production year.

            Finally I said, “I understand what you’re saying…perhaps I don’t understand the process.”  “Ah ha,” he agreed.  “Who can understand the process here?”

            So, having corrected the official document to read 2005, I headed back today to continue the process.  When I arrived, the customs office was closed.  My customs agent, who promised he’s be back on Friday until 4 pm, was no where to be found.  When I called him on the phone he said, “Oh Jeff, the traffic is so bad…maybe I will come, maybe I will not.”  Not to be deterred, I got to the customs official and explain my problem.  “I’ve come from Gjilan and the customs agent isn’t here.  Can I continue the process without him?”  “No,” I am told.  “We don’t accept documents after 3:00.”  Looking at my watch, it was 3:30.  Even had my agent been there, my trip would have been in vain.

            Just another day in Kosovo.

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