Friday, September 23, 2005

In the New: ITU responds to UNMIK: Code for Kosovo refused

This is a bummer, though I can understand.  The ITU is the organization responsible for establishing “country codes” for telephone numbers.  Every country has a “country code” which is the prefex you add if you’re calling someone in, say Canada or Great Britain. Right now all of Kosovo’s land-line phones, the regular, normal, ubiquitous house phones still use the country code for Serbia & Montenegro.  I’m a little surprised that UNMIK is the one making the request since UNMIK doesn’t seem normally interested in helping Kosovo accumulate the trappings of statehood, of which an independent country code would be one. 


Express reports in its leading front-page story that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has turned down UNMIK’s request for a telephone code for Kosovo. The paper says that according to the ITU, the only possibility to get a code for Kosovo is to reach an agreement with Serbia on this issue.

Reliable sources in UNMIK told the newspaper that a senior ITU official had informed the SRSG on 9 September that despite all the efforts he couldn’t get the consensus of all ITU countries to designate a special code for Kosovo.

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