Monday, September 26, 2005

In the News: Belgrade's plan unrealistic

Foreign parties are beginning to weigh in on Belgrade’s plan for ‘independence with out sovereignty.”  So far the reception has been pretty cool. 

Belgrade’s Plan on Kosovo is Unrealistic -

26 September 2005 | 10:12 | FOCUS News Agency

Belgrade. The plan of the Serbian authorities on the Kosovo issue, according to which Serbia will maintain its sovereignty in the region and Kosovo will get legislative, executive and judicial power, is more a description of Belgrade’s wish for Kosovo rather than a realistic resolution of the future statute of the region, foreign experts stated, cited by the Serbian newspaper Blic. “This proposal represents Belgrade’s desire to keep the current condition of Kosovo, which is unacceptable as the international community has already noted”, Daniel Server, director of the Balkan Initiative at the Washington Institute stated. He indicated that it was too early to determine Kosovo’s future statute. In his words, the region will be defined after complicated negotiations, which will soon begin. Belgrade, Pristina, Washington and Brussels will lead the negotiations.
The British analyst and expert for the Balkans Tim Judah believes that the intentions of the Serbian authorities are to take negotiation stand before negotiations have actually started. “Serbia wants to formalize the current statute of Kosovo”, Judah said and added that Albanians would reject such proposal.

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