Monday, September 26, 2005

In the News: Independence, if not through dialogue, through war (Lajm)

Wow.  This is a little big scary, but not surprising.  I think there are probably segments of the population that have dreams of a renewed war against Serbia.  I don’t know any of them personally, however.  As we saw last March it doesn’t take a majority will or intention to create a mess for the majority.  I hope the large political parties, LDK, PDK, AAK, etc., can keep a lid on the LKÇK.  They could have a profound effect on negotiations which are just around the corner. 


Lajm reports on the front page that the logic of war is still present in Kosovo. The paper notes that the National Movement for the Liberation of Kosovo (LKÇK) is trying to convince the biggest political parties that war is the best way to achieve the aspirations of Kosovo citizens. The biggest political parties however think that these ideas are premature; they support negotiations but not negotiations on independence.

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